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Notre vision

Our vision

In music, Tempo refers to the speed of execution of a piece.
The indication of Tempo may or may not be specified by the composer on the score. In the absence of an indication, the expression "without tempo indication" is used, leaving the choice of execution speed to the musician's discretion.


Cumbia, Vallenato, Porro, Mapalé, Currulao, Reggaeton...
Colombia is fundamentally a musical country. We love the idea that a journey can be a melody, yours; it's up to us to find the right Tempo for you.

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Commited Trips

Through our visits ans experiences, we are committed to supporting projects for minority communities such as indigenous, rural, and Afro-descendant populations.

In terms of accommodations: solar energy, sourcing restaurant supplies locally, providing drinking water fountains at reception, waste sorting, plastic-free initiatives, water conservation awareness...

We have cataloged and highlighted the initiatives of each hotel to assist you in selecting based on these criteria.


Our priority is to promote tourism with a positive impact to contribute to the sustainable development of Colombia.

Voyages engagés

Fixer Services Report


We provide access to unique locations and connect you with influential figures in topics related to economics, history, art, and culture.

To achieve this, we leverage all our networks and provide the necessary logistics.

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Fixing de reportages
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Our partner projects




In partnership with Agenda del Mar, we measure and offset our CO2 emissions, notably via coral farms located in the Caribbean sea.


Green sea turtles, parrotfish, fan coral, tiger sharks, or spotted moray eels—each species plays its role in marine ecosystems. Understanding the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean, learning to identify their fauna and flora, is already a step toward their protection.

Our partner, Agenda del Mar, works for ocean knowledge and conservation.

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Nos projets partenaires​

Our partner projects


Agenda del Mar and Tempo Colombia collaborate on the following initiatives:

Training Tempo guides on the challenges of climate change in the marine ecosystem.

Providing Tempo guides with visual materials on marine flora and fauna to help them convey their knowledge and passion for the sea.

Tempo contributes a portion of its profits to Agenda del Mar to support its ocean conservation projects, including coral reef restoration, initiatives addressing marine debris, raising awareness among local communities about their environment, and developing educational projects."

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Nos projets partenaires​
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Join us

Does Tempo's vision resonate with you?

Do you possess an innate sense of service, excellence, precision, and an overflowing passion for Colombia?

Feel free to send us a spontaneous application or respond to our job openings.

Nous rejoindre

For more information on our commitments in Colombia, our vision of travel and our profession...

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