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Tailor made trips

Travel often signifies a milestone in life, heralding a new chapter or a fresh start. Listening to you, understanding your needs, tailoring our proposal to fit your budget and desires, and providing support: we consider these roles to be essential.

Leveraging our expertise in the regions of Colombia and our extensive networks, we can collaborate with you to create a distinctive and unforgettable journey.

sur mesure.jpg
Sur mesure



Opting to stay an extra night in Tayrona Park and adjusting your flights, booking a last-minute table within the walls of Cartagena, finding a babysitter for a romantic evening, or deciding in the morning to go diving in the coral reefs of Providencia in the afternoon...

We make it our mission to accompany you every step of the way.


Our travel consultants


As experts in Colombia and passionate about their profession, they create tailor-made itineraries to match your preferences. Their primary mission is to listen to you and assist you from initial contact to providing a quote, as well as throughout your trip.

The field is also their main source of inspiration.

Has an eco-lodge just opened in Tayrona Park? Is an art gallery being inaugurated in Bogotá? Has a pre-Columbian site become accessible? We visit these places to gauge their potential and, why not, turn them into experiences for your next trips.

No conseillers
Road Book.jpg

Digital Roadbook

Travel Zen: in a digital version in your smart phone, slipped into your pocket: your Road Book accompanies you step by step on your journey.

It includes each service, what is included in the program, the meeting places with your guides and drivers are geolocated, each meeting time indicated, our best addresses of restaurants, bars and shops are listed there.


Top Spots

A vegetarian restaurant with its feet in the water in Rincon del Mar, the latest trendy rooftop in Medellin, a designer decor boutique in Barichara, or even an art gallery in Bogota - these hidden gems are also part of the journey.


We've sought them out and tested them for you.

Let us surprise you throughout your stay.

bonnes adresses.jpg
Bonnes adresses
Meilleures chambres.jpg

Best rooms


Because the location of their rooms within the booked hotels and lodges is not a trivial matter, we have taken care to identify, in each accommodation, the rooms in their respective categories offering the most privileged views, the most natural light, and the most private settings.

For your convenience, we make every effort to request these rooms with each reservation.

Meilleurs chambres

check-in for your flights


Tempo takes care of the check-in for your domestic flights throughout your journey.

We send them to you by email the day before or on the day of your flight departure, as soon as it becomes possible by your airline.

check in.jpg
Check in de vos vols
Carte Sim.jpg

Virtual SIM card

Checking your emails while traveling, sharing your best photos, and contacting our concierge at any time are often necessities.

We provide you with a Virtual SIM card, granting you access to Colombia's 3G and 4G networks from your smartphone.

Sim virtuelle

B to B

Tempo collaborates with partner travel agencies on a white-label basis. We customize our accommodation and experience offerings to reflect your agency's identity. We provide comprehensive training and support to your teams at every stage, from design to sales. Your advisors have exclusive access to our digital catalog, sales information, and real-time pricing. All reservations are made in the name of your agency.

Our service is adaptable to your needs and includes 24/7 concierge and on-site assistance. In case of duplicate requests, we prioritize our partner agencies.

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B to B

To find out more about our services, for advice on your stops, our accommodations, services and itineraries in Colombia

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