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3 to 5 days

Cactus lining colonial houses painted with lime, wooden frames massive supporting century-old earth tile roofs, shaded place lined with wooden benches where a fountain sings, ornate turquoise blue doors a knocker in the shape of a sleeping lizard, bougainvillea escaping from the walls who support them...
Barichara seems to have been born from an idyllic and enchanting dream, from an encounter between earth, stone, wood and the wisdom of men.

    You will like :

  • Meet sculptors, painters, poets, shepherds and sweet dreamers

  • The art of living in a village where ancient trades and their knowledge are proudly perpetuated

  • For the day go down by bike or on foot in the canyons of the region or prefer paragliding

  • Our selection of accommodation in harmony with the essence of Barichara

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