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2 to 3 days

With its distant air of Tuscany or Andalusia, Villa de Leyva has everything of a Mediterranean white village... and yet. Its architecture, monasteries, culinary traditions and history are deeply rooted in the Muisca culture that dominated the region for hundreds of years.
A pre-Columbian site in the surrounding area still bears witness to this peaceful past close to nature.
A chronausaur fossil measuring around ten meters, 120 million years old and almost intact will pique your curiosity. Villa de Leyva is above all an invitation to travel through the ages and eras.

    You will like :


  • Dinosaur fossils, pre-Columbian sites, colonial village: each period in the spotlight

  • The visit to the monasteries, testimony and work of religious syncretism in the region

  • Sip a “ canelazo” under the arcades of the Plaza Mayor

  • Our recommendations for good restaurant addresses

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