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Land of sand and winds, the most northern of South America, its name evokes stories of yesteryear of smuggling, of jealously guarded treasures, of musicians challenging each other on the accordion then in improvised verbal jousts, of wayuu clans against wayuu clans.
La Guajira carries within it the legends, myths and beliefs of those who populate it. The eloquence of its ocher and salt desert dialogues with the emerald blue-green of the Caribbean which runs alongside and contains it. La Guajira invites you to walk, each step of which calls for contemplative wisdom.


4 to 5 days

    You will like :

  • Share a little of the daily life of the Wayuu communities and participate in the life of their hamlet

  • Better understand their ancestral beliefs

  • Walk and marvel at the raw beauty of this land

  • Visit our partner turtle conservation projects

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