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4 to 5 days

Andean, Caribbean, Pacific, Colombia's heart also beats to the rhythm of the Amazon. Visiting a Ticuna community, fishing piranhas with them, wandering through the streets of Puerto Nariño village, playing an impromptu soccer game with the village children in the square.
In the late afternoon, gliding on the Amazon River in the wake of the pink dolphins, and in the evening, listening to the forest, daring perhaps to venture into it and falling asleep with thoughts of pygmy marmosets, capuchin monkeys, but also toucans, scarlet ibises, and above all, the strange sensation of sharing the same land. 

    You will like :

  • Our immersive ecolodge experience, on the banks of the Amazon River

  • Primates, reptiles, insects, fish, heliconia… understand everything about the fauna and flora of the Amazon

  • Understand the beliefs and traditions of local populations, their ancestral link to nature

  • Taste the local cuisine with its surprising tastes and flavors

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