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They are architects, photographers, reporters, percussionists, painters,

sculptors, journalists, writers, dancers, chefs or coffee farmers…
Each person embodies a part of the Colombian imagination in their own way. During an urban or rural stroll, over a coffee or a local beer, we get to know them better and the world to which they belong. A moment of sharing that is both relaxed and informal, meeting them will refine your understanding of Colombia, its beauty and its truth.
Talk about it over coffee in : Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellín, Jardín and Barichara

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Journey for two

Get together yes but far from everything, stroll through the colonial streets of Villa de Leyva, watch the passers-by from a bench in Barichara, at sunset plan a private salsa class on a terrace in Cartagena or escape on a sea kayak at dawn in Tayrona Park…
Whether we are celebrating a union, a birthday or simply the pleasure of being together, Colombia sets an ideal scene with eloquence and discretion. And because this also makes all the difference, in each hotel Tempo has taken care to identify for you the most private rooms and those offering the most beautiful views.

Meet at: Cartagena, Villa de Leyva, Barichara, Tayrona Park or Minca

Partir à deux

Family trips 

Often it's the moments that shape our childhood, our adolescence, the ones we won't hesitate to reminisce about years later... off the Pacific beaches marveling at whales teaching their calves the basics of their first jumps, taking your first surf lesson on the Caribbean shores, finally mastering the rhythm of Cumbia together in a fishing neighborhood in Cartagena - these journeys with both young and old seal our memories and nurture the bonds that make up our family.

Tempo has also taken care to identify adjoining or connecting rooms in each accommodation, a way to keep your tribe close at every moment.

Gather your tribe at: Providencia, San Agustín, Salento, Nuquí, Cartagena, Leticia 

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Trip with friends


Organize a hike in the Sierra Nevada okay but also accessible to the less sporty.
Want independence yes, but at the same time some inspiring visits to better understand Colombia.
Be sure to share the same accommodation on all stages...

Going with friends often involves flawless organization and good
knowledge of the expectations of all participants, to do this Tempo
take trips with you that suit everyone.

All together in : Bogotá, Cartagena , Medellín , La Guajira , Filandia , Mompox


Road trip

The road passes by, the day throws its last strength on the Andes mountain range, a glance in the rearview mirror, Jericó and its imposing bell tower disappear in the tropical showers.
The radio crackles, a slight adjustment finally lets the first ones escape
brass notes then the percussion enters, at the same time the clouds
Finally the voice resounds, the counter song responds: “Pronto llegará, el dia de
mi suerte” then resonates like a prophecy.

Tempo supports you in organizing your rental car itineraries and advises you on the steps to follow, in complete freedom.

Travel freely to: Salento , Filandia , Jardín , Jericó , Villa de Leyva , Barichara


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Road Trip
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Surf Trip

With more than 5,000 km of coastline spread between the Caribbean and the Pacific,
Colombia is full of surf spots.
Along the marshes and dug by the
winds the waves break on both coasts. Secret
accessible spots
only by sea, wild beaches or perfect and
famous left, Tempo
advises you on nearby spots and accommodation.

Surf lessons or board rental? You choose, Tempo takes care of the rest.

The best waves are at: Nuquí and around the   Tayrona Park

Surf Trip

Bird watching

It's official, with more than 1900 species of birds recorded in Colombia
is the most diverse country in the world in this category. Distributed between the
Andes, the Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast and the Amazon, at sunrise
sun or at dusk we put on binoculars to observe Gallitos from
Roca, Tucan Pico Iris, Golden-headed Quetzal and other Scarlet Tanagers.

In the Andes, the coffee region, in Minca or on the Pacific coast, Tempo provides you with its best guides in this area.

Take out your binoculars in: Minca, Tayrona Park, Jardín, Salento, Nuquí, Leticia

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It is the emblem of Colombia, its high quality has also strongly contributed to its worldwide reputation.
Arabica Caturra or Geisha? Instead
Bourbon, Typica or Castillo? Each variety and sub-variety presents well
heard its specificities, its fruity or spicy notes, its sweet nuances
or balanced.

If tasting coffee is an art, growing it is its inspiration.
Tempo takes you to raw, real and warm places to capture the full essence of coffee culture.

The best cups are in: Salento , Filandia , Jardín , San Agustín , Minca


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