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2 to 3 days

The campesina soul of Antioquia, in its most hardworking, pure, and generous form, undoubtedly resides in Jericó. After a hike along the canyon ridges plunging towards the Cauca River, we share the table with those who make Colombia proud: the coffee growers, whose art of caring for the emblematic tree is passed down from generation to generation.

As seasoned travelers, our steps in the town center discreetly lead us to the village's music school, where brass instruments resonate to the rhythm of Cumbia. Confidential and endearing, Jericó is a destination on the map for travelers in search of meaning and authenticity.

    You will like :

  • During our hikes, real encounters and exchanges with coffee farmers

  • The animation of Jericó and its festive spirit, especially on weekends

  • Spectacular views of the Andes mountain range and the mythical Canyon del Cauca

  • Immersed in the village, watching a cumbia rehearsal on the sly

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