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4 to 6 days 

Return. Rediscover the same bay, the same warm water, tracing the black sand beach from the sea, casting a glance at the line of palm trees and tropical forest that extends it before plunging back into the depths. Behold those rock islands with enigmatic shapes and crowned with coconut trees. From the roof of a thatched hut, a flock of pelicans takes off low over the sea. Beneath the water, a colony of turtles seems to follow a school of groupers...

Every year from July to October, a multitude of humpback whales travel thousands of kilometers to return to the places of their birth, give birth, or simply follow their group.

    You will like :

  • Our selection of ecolodges, their location, their views, their responsible approach to whale watching

  • Beyond photographing them, thanks to our guides and our speakers, learn more about these giants of the seas

  • Also go there out of whale season for turtle season or whale shark season.

  • Surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking or during a freediving course: experience the Pacific from the sea all year round

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