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2 to 3 days

The name of this village in the Antioquia region already speaks volumes about its essence and surroundings (Jardín means "garden"). Flourishing and tree-lined, Gallito de Roca, a rare bird with bright red plumage almost fluorescent, has even made it its sanctuary and, completely unabashed, enjoys visitors coming to admire it. Further up, you can indulge in hikes offering breathtaking views of the village and the entire valley.

As the afternoon casts its final glow, around a bend in the road, a waterfall appears, a little further on, a stable, coffee plants dominate the background, but it's still Jardín that gradually lights up and where all eyes converge.

    You will like :

  • Like a local, sit comfortably on one of the park benches of the Libertador and watch the Jardineños pass by

  • Our selection of accommodation that is both quiet and close to the center of Jardín

  • Our hikes in the heights of Jardín, contact with the campesinos

  • Taste the mazamorras of Jardín, renowned for being the best in Antioquia

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