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2 to 5 days

From Andalusian Arab palaces with tropical colors to tree-lined squares from where is good to sip a coconut limonada, the story of Cartagena is told by the name of its streets and can be read on the faces of its inhabitants. Latin American, resolutely African descent, sometimes indigenous, sometimes Spanish, definitively turning its back on the Andes and embracing with tenderness all the Caribbean, Cartagena seduces, charms... even bewitches.

    You will like :

  • Take a salsa class on a terrace with a view of the sea

  • Posta negra, mote de queso or sancocho? Finally prefer a cazuela de Mariscos

  • At sunset, an aperitif on the wall with electro music in the background

  • By boat, go for the day to the Rosary and Barú islands

  • At the corner of a street, try to imitate the melodic and rhythmic phrasing of the fish and fruit sellers

Ideas for experiences in Cartagena ...

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