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3 to 4 days

Its anthropo-zoomorphic stone statues have made the reputation of this Andean village. Ideal for first steps in archaeology, San Agustín also uses its proximity to the Rio Magdalena to delight rafting fans.
On horseback in the surroundings of the village or on foot on hiking trails, all means are good to visit the region and the icing on the cake, the most authentic and welcoming café fincas are also part of the landscape.

    You will like :

  • Visit the archaeological park of San Agustín, as a couple, three or as a family

  • Spend a day on a coffee hacienda and get your hands on the harvest, feed the guinea pigs, pick pineapples or bananas, plant cocoa trees or milk the cows

  • Go down the Rio Magdalena by raft, even if you are a beginner

  • Going paso fino on horseback on the heights of the village at sunset

  • Combine with Bogotá, the Tatacoa Desert or Popayán

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