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4 to 6 days

There are parts of the world we dream of: far from the crowds, against the grain of classic destinations, often offering the most beautiful and truest things a country has to offer, forgotten destinations that are nevertheless so rich: beaches, seabed, gastronomy, music, local life…
Providencia is arguably one of Colombia's best answers. This island, a continuation of San Andrés, ticks many boxes: coral reef, rare ecosystems, “seven-colored” sea, rock fish and crab specialties. 5,000 souls populate this Caribbean rock 17 km in diameter each year.
Once a crossroads where pirates, corsairs, freedom-loving freed slaves crossed paths, today a stronghold of
Colombian reggae and dancehall, directly influenced by neighboring Jamaica, Providencia is still kept as a secret.

    You will like :

  • Rather wild, confidential or musical, depending on your mood of the day choose the beach that suits you

  • Rent a golf cart to move around freely

  • Feet in the sand, in the center or in a typical island house, try our good addresses

  • Our selection of guest houses and boutique hotels with sea views

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