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Cumbia percussion lesson & private canoe ride through the mangroves -4h

Visit to a fishing district of Cartagena, a corner of Colombia where Africa still lives in exile.
n a music school we learn about Caribbean rhythms: Cumbia, Mapale, Porro. Everyone chooses the percussion that suits them. The goal is simple: to manage to reproduce the taught rhythm together. No learning is necessary and you will be surprised at the results.
Then, as the sun sets, after a walk through the alleys bordering the sea, we reach the beginnings of the vast mangrove. A ballet of local and migratory birds delights our eyes. Gliding through the mangrove tunnels in a canoe, propelled by the expert oar of a fisherman, the experience is enjoyed without a motor, leaving room for the melodious songs of birds, the games of crabs, and the subtle learning of the nuances between red, white and black mangroves.

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English speaking

Cumbia, walks, mangroves and sea

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