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The Cocora Valley and the village of Salento, private - 5h

In the heart of the majestic Andes Cordillera lies a jewel: the Cocora Valley. It is a place where the landscapes emerge with a certain harmony, between the coffee haciendas typical of the region and the imposing wax palm trees which rise to almost 70 meters.
This region offers nature lovers the opportunity
to stroll through this valley and marvel at its picturesque landscape. Not far from there, Salento, the oldest village in Quindio, reveals its authentic charm. It is a place renowned for its crafts and its panoramic view which extends over the entire surrounding valley.
Easy 2-hour walk - Elevation gain of +150 m / -150 m - Distance covered on foot: 3km.

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Cocora and Salento


English speaking

2 hours of walking +/-150m, 3km

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