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Private visit to a coffee farm and the village of Filandia - 7h

We are setting off to explore the coffee region of Colombia aboard the emblematic Willis, symbols of social ties between villages. Our day begins with a visit to a typical coffee finca, a family farm. The lush garden is home to a variety of fruit trees: mango, avocado, zapote and cocoa trees. We tour the coffee plantations, understanding the entire process, from tree to bean ready to grind. Our guide also discusses the issues of climate change and organic farming in Colombia. The visit ends with an exquisite coffee tasting.
Next, we head to the charming village of Filandia, where we explore its picturesque streets and lively squares.
We visit a traditional weaving workshop, guided by a local expert, to create our own woven baskets. An authentic day in the heart of Colombian coffee culture.

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English speaking

Discerning all the nuances of coffee aromas

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