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Route of the typical villages of the South of the coffee region  
in private - 8h

In a Willis, the region's emblematic jeep, we begin our journey with the village of Rio Verde, nestled in the heart of the coffee region in Colombia. The cobbled streets of this picturesque village lead us to a century-old church, testimony to its rich history.
Then, head towards Pijao, a charming typical village where the large village square, its central church and its small cafes invite you to relax. Residents gather around billiards, and local life goes on peacefully. Our journey continues towards Buenavista, a village with breathtaking panoramas of the coffee valley. Here, we observe local daily life: lively school outings, residents relaxing on public benches, and sellers of arepas and colorful fruit juices. We take a break to immerse ourselves in this authentic atmosphere.

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Rio Verde, Pijao and Buena Vista


English speaking

Riding in a Willys Jeep

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